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  • Today’s Talent Acquisitions three legged stool: Sourcing, Recruiting and Selection, Presented by Lizz Pellet
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  • Today’s Talent Acquisitions three legged stool: Sourcing, Recruiting and Selection, Presented by Lizz Pellet

Today’s Talent Acquisitions three legged stool: Sourcing, Recruiting and Selection, Presented by Lizz Pellet

  • Tuesday, July 08, 2014
  • 7:15 AM - 9:30 AM (PDT)
  • Sheraton, La Jolla
  • 306


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Today’s Talent Acquisitions three legged stool:  

Sourcing, Recruiting and Selection: 

Technology has changed the way 90% of how Talent Acquisition is being done today in any size organization. Passive and active candidates are everywhere, the talent is out there we just need to find where they are and use the latest tools, tricks and technology to reel them in. 

How to find them – Sourcing: The “post and pray” technique just doesn’t work when you’re trying to find highly-skilled employees. Even conventional recruiting can fall short.  Effective sourcing utilizing all the tricks of technology is what separates the companies filling their positions with top talent today and into the future.

How to get them – Recruiting:  Is it best practice to keep up with the trends? The definition of “a trend” means that a significant group of firms have already implemented the practice. And that means that if you merely identify and copy current trends, by the time your firm implements them, you will have fallen behind the benchmark firms that would have continued to develop new approaches. What are the latest trends, are you behind the times? 

How to select them – Video Interviewing: Techniques have evolved as much as technology has changed.  Paper resumes are a thing of the past.  Phone screens are still deployed but are quickly being replaced with live or recorded video interviews.  Video technology has come a long way in that very short period of time and the usage has expanded out in to many aspects of daily HR life.

What You Will Learn :  

  • How sourcing differs from recruiting
  • What are the most recent resources that are being used in sourcing today
  • What are the latest trends in recruiting and evaluate if you are behind the times
  • Who are best practice companies to learn from
  • How has technology evolved and what have been the adoption rates for new technology 

Lizz Pellet Bio:

  • Lizz is a Fellow in Organizational Transformation from Johns Hopkins University and a well-known thought leader in talent management. For the past 15 years, Lizz has been educating HR professionals on culture and employment branding and teaching recruiting professionals how to use social media platforms in their recruiting efforts. She has recently joined Shally Steckerl in building The Sourcing Institute. As the VP of Educational Sales Lizz brings her years of educational and industry knowledge to organizations who know providing strategic direction and superior learning opportunities to their talent professionals differentiates them from their competition. These organizations and recruiting professionals realize that you need top talent to find top talent!
  • Before joining The Sourcing Institute, Lizz spent 15 years working with organizations to identify and solve problems by deploying metrics to assess, diagnose and define challenges and then develop interventions to close those gaps. She has partnered with organizations to transform culture, build authentic employment brands and integrate social media tools into their talent management processes to increase the ROI of recruitment and retention. She continues to support individuals on using social presence to find employment opportunities.
  • Lizz is recommended by the Society for Human Resource Management and a member of the National Speakers Association. Her high energy, use of humor and relevant business content make her a very popular trainer and keynote speaker. Lizz is the author of the 2010 SHRM book, “The Cultural Fit Factor, Creating an Employment Brand that Attracts, Retains and Repels the Right Employees” and “Getting Your Shift Together – Making Sense of Organizational Culture & Change”. Lizz is the LinkedIn Group Moderator for Linked HR and Strategic HR and Sustainably Forum.


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